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New tunes - November 28, 2014

Currently recording some new Amity Pax tunes - the demo versions of a few of these have been up for a while, but something better this way comes...

Gigs - September 29, 2014

Following dates confirmed -

5 October 2014 - Sunflower Bar - Lo-Fi Fun Factory

15 October 2014 - Belfast Empire - Lo-Fi Fun Factory

9 November 2014 - Sunflower Bar - Amity Pax

Amity Pax - September 28, 2014

Been working on some new tunes with my good friend Andrew Gawn - you can hear some of the results at our SoundCloud page

Andrew is an excellent songwriter and it has been a joy to work with him again - we have already been out to try our songs live and the results were most this space...!

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